Irish Cross Memorial New Orleans

Irish Cross Memorial New Orleans
The Celtic Cross Memorial in New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Adrian McGrath. Click the image for the story about the cross.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Mission Statement

2. Margaret Haughery

3. Eugene O'Neill and Tao House

4. Bonhomme Richard

5. Corned Beef and Cabbage

6. Traditional Irish Musical Instruments

7. New Basin Canal of New Orleans

8. Drogheda and the Curse of Cromwell

9. PT 59: John F. Kennedy's Other Command

10. Paul Morphy Chess Master

11. Irish Stew: Traditional or Make Your Own

12. Fr. Joseph Timothy O'Callahan, SJ and the Medal of Honor

13. Coffin Ships and the Potato Famine

14. Daniel Daly, USMC: "Do You Want to Live Forever?"

15. Irish Soda Bread and Spotted Dog

16. Blue and Gray: How the Civil War Turned the Irish into Americans

17. Irish Potato Soup 

18. Lafcadio Hearn: How an Irishman Managed to Write the First New Orleans Creole Cookbook 

19. The Fighting Sullivan Brothers: American Heroes

20. Ann "Goody" Glover: The Boston Witch Trial of 1688

21. Audie Murphy: The Most Honored American Soldier

22. Irish Comedy and Tragedy: Art Carney and Jackie Gleason

23. Election Day 1960

24. General Humbert: The Year of the French, 1798 and New Orleans, 1815 (Part 1 of 2)

25. General Humbert: The Year of the French, 1798 and New Orleans, 1815 (Part 2 of 2) 

26. Irish Whales and an American Flag Never Dipped 

27. Bangers and Mash: Irish Pub Food

28. Champ: Irish Mashed Potatoes with Green Onions and Butter

29.  Irish Potato Cakes

30. Shepard's Pie and Cottage Pie 

31. Coddle

32. Trifle: An Irish Dessert

33. Easter Rising, 1916: A Terrible Beauty is Born

34. George Washington Does St. Patrick's Day

35. Irish Ancestry Search: Your Irish Family and Mine

36. Timothy Murphy: Revolutionary War Rifleman

37. What Were the Penal Laws? 

38. The Writers

39. Halloween: A Holiday of Irish Origins

40. What Foods Did the Irish Eat in Old New Orleans

41. Who is St. Patrick?

42. No Irish Need Apply

43. Irish Women Activists Trilogy: Mary Harris Jones, 
"Mother Jones"

44. Irish Women Activists: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

45. Irish Women Activists Trilogy: Dorothy Day 

46. Duffy's Cut: Death by Prejudice

47. When the American Army Invaded Ireland

48. Full Irish Breakfast a la New Orleans Creole

49. Cabbage and Ham: An Irish Dish or a New Orleans Dish?

50. The Concertina and Irish Music

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